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The 50 hour Professional Seaplane Pilot Course:


*Here’s a sample of some of the places where our Graduates are flying as Commercial Seaplane Pilots: Vancouver , Victoria Harbour, Tofino, Campbell River, Maldives, Vietnam, Antarctica, Yukon, Manitoba and Ontario to name a few!*

Bonjour David, I thought I’d take a moment to send you a little note thanking you sincerely for the unbelievable experience and unforgettable life memory of my 50hr seaplane training at Ocean Air Floatplanes with yourself and Saint! This was a great accomplishment for myself, and another step towards my dream of being a commercial seaplane bush pilot.  Which would undoubtedly not have been the same without you and Saint as my instructors.  I am very thankful to have learned from your experience, skill and knowledge.  Which happened to be in some of the most majestic terrain I have had the opportunity to fly in thus far.

You are both what I consider to be great role models and mentors. Your input will be and integral part to my growth as a pilot and I am glad to call you my friends. Hope to see you again soon.

Derek Gregoire, Montreal, Quebec

student_instructionOcean Air is a well-respected, well-known and internationally recognized floatplane school: see our Testimonials Section. The Professional Seaplane Training Course is designed for the ambitious student seeking a career as a Professional Seaplane Pilot. Over the course of 50 hours of extensive seaplane training, the student will learn all the necessary techniques to become a superior Seaplane pilot. The course consists of 25 hours dual instruction and 25 hours of PIC supervised practice. This professional program will prepare you for a confident start in the Seaplane aviation industry. This is a great way to begin your flying career or for your own personal float flying endevours.

David and Saint are highly experienced instructors with over 25,000 hours of seaplane experience combined who will teach and mentor you through the program learning from there repetoire and seaplane experience. Who else can offer such experienced and professional instructors??

Training begins with the basics. We start our syllabus with the Seaplane rating, enabling you to perform 5 solo take offs and landings while learning from conditions as they arise. Part of your training will include the urban environments and busy airspace around the Victoria and Vancouver Harbours. Add to that the wild, rugged wilderness of the Pacific Coast with its small villages and real working coastal Seaplane docks, and you’ll gain confidence operating in any situation. You’ll find an exciting and ever-changing experience that commercial operators will recognize, giving you the edge when you’re looking for employment. Training takes place in confined areas, lakes, rivers, high altitude mountain ranges and in the coastal ocean environment at real working Seaplane docks. Based on our well developed syllabus. Included is a mountain check ride with specific ground lessons covering safe light aircraft flying in the mountainous regions.

299638_10150358360992585_128153453_nOcean Air has developed a 50-hour Seaplane syllabus that has proven very effective in enabling career minded pilots to become professional Seaplane pilots. The fact that the Seaplane insurance industry requires a minimum of 50 hours on floats to hire new commercial pilots makes this course a necessary first step. Ocean Air’s 50 hour Seaplane training syllabus will give you the required training to get that important first job. We have graduates who fly Seaplanes commercially all over the world and Operators who annually request Pilots Trained by Ocean Air. Visit our testimonials page or ask us for info.

Coastal jobs require the most experience because of the many challenges that the coast offers. Ocean Air will train you in this environment and operators will understand the benefits of you coastal training.

We never charge for ground school time on the dock! Our students are encouraged to ask questions and enquire about techniques without any charge.

Total: CAD $18750* ($375 per hour – this course includes a $25 per hour discount from our regular pricing)

The possibility of learning to fly Seaplanes in this challenging and beautiful environment brings pilots from around the world to Canada’s Coast.


*All prices are in Canadian Dollars and do not include 5% tax (GST) or $6 per hour Carbon Offset fee
*Ratings and Courses (except the discovery flight) require a minimum of a Private Pilot License