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Seaplane Rating Course

Taught by professional and experienced coastal floatplane pilots, as per the Transport Canada Seaplane Manual in our Cessna 180 Seaplane on Aerocet 3500L Floats, you will be introduced to seaplanes and will be competent to fly the 5 solo take off and landing requirements for the seaplane rating to be added to your License. Included is docking, ramping, launching, taxiing techniques, take off and landings, preflight and post-flight as well as other techniques encountered as conditions dictate.

We have two textbooks available at discounted rates that the student may be interested in purchasing. There are copies available for from our seaplane library too.

Seaplane Rating Course

Cost: $2,940 CAD

+$30 to Transport Canada to update your Canadian license. This is quotes to the TC minimum, some pilots may require more time to complete the flight test requirements.

The possibility of learning to fly Seaplanes in this challenging and beautiful environment brings pilots from around the world to Canada’s Coast.

Some of the places our graduates are flying as commercial seaplane pilots are: Vancouver, Victoria Harbour, Tofino, Campbell River, Maldives, Vietnam, Antarctica, Yukon, Manitoba and Ontario!

*all prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include a 5% tax (GST) or $6 per hour Carbon Offset fee
*ratings and courses (except the Discovery Flight) require a minimum of a Private Pilote License.

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Thank you so much Ocean Air! Flying YVA in such a beautiful place everyday for a month was such a treat, but learning all of those skills and practicing them up to such a high level in so many different places and in all weather was what has made the difference between me being a safe pilot who knows where his skills stand. Thanks for all of your patience and help! I can’t thank you enough for everything especially for helping me find a float job in Ontario!


50 Hour Professional Float Plane Course

Ocean Air has developed a 50-hour Seaplane training syllabus that has proven very effective in enabling career minded pilots to become professional Seaplane pilots. The fact that the Seaplane insurance industry requires a minimum of 50 hours on floats to hire new commercial pilots makes this course a necessary first step. Ocean Air’s 50 hour flat plane training syllabus will give you the required training to get that important first job. We have graduates who fly Seaplanes commercially all over the world and Operators who annually request Pilots Trained by Ocean Air. Visit our testimonials page or ask us for info.

Coastal jobs require the most experience because of the many challenges that the coast offers. Ocean Air will train you in this environment and operators will understand the benefits of you coastal seaplane training.

15 Hour Professional Seaplane Course

Since 2002 we have helped over 300 pilots in Canada earn their Canadian seaplane rating. Some of the places our graduates are flying as commercial seaplane pilots are: Vancouver, Victoria Harbour, Tofino, Campbell River, Maldives, Vietnam, Antarctica, Yukon, Manitoba and Ontario!

Earn your seaplane rating, then take the next step by honing the skills that you’ll learn while earning the Transport Canada Seaplane Rating.

Work your new found skills in realistic scenarios while learning the challenging skills of determining conditions then executing the appropriate plan of action. This float plane course takes place in the spectacular scenery of the Gulf Islands at busy, real working Pacific seaplane docks that serve Island communities.


Just a quick note to say thank you for an exhilarating week We both had an awesome time and it was a great pleasure to meet with you and fly YVA. The whole way you do business is professional and a credit to you. I will value the memories forever. We got back on time after a gruelling 9 hours and I go back to work today. Kind Regards
Chris Farnaby – UK
Emailing to thank you once again for an absolutely fabulous week of float flying. That’s what a flying holiday should be like! We still can’t quite believe the experience, and appreciate your’s and Bryan’s patience and encouragement with both of us. Good of you to arrange lovely weather too! I know we’ll be back! Best regards, fly safe. Cheers
Dr Stewart Houston, CEng, FRAeS
Aerospace Sciences Research Division School of Engineering University of Glasgow
Ocean Air, you came highly recommended by a past student while I was flying in Botswana. I am so glad that I came back to Canada to take your course. With all of the competition for flying jobs, this 50 hr seaplane course really helped me to be the bush pilot I always dreamed of being. I feel confident and safe and you helped me to secure a job back East. Thanks so much and you know I’ll be in touch!
Karim Moghrabi

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