Ocean Air Floatplanes

Cessna 180 J on Aerocet 3500L Floats


Excellent paint, comfortable interior – commercially maintained to the highest standards

Empty Weight 2040 lbs. Gross Weight 3190 lbs. Usable 1150 lbs.

Aerocet 3500l Floats – The most modern floats available made from Composite materials

Long Range Fuel Tanks

BAS 4 Point Seatbelts

Garmin G5 ‘Gyros’

4 Place Intercom System

Garmin Colour 396 Moving Map GPS

4 seats including Pilot

Mustang PFDs for Students

O-470 Continental 230 hp Engine / Constant Speed Propeller

The Cessna 180 has a constant speed propeller and is powered by the proven Continental 0470R- 230 hp. engine. The 180/185 and 206 are the most commonly used Cessna aircraft in commercial seaplane operations with high useful loads and plenty of power. For students it’s time on type that is important to insurance, operators and pilot piece-of-mind. This makes us sure you are comfortable, familiar and practiced.

For pilots who are interested in touring, the C180 holds plenty of fuel, pilot, instructor and 2 friends to come along… with lots of useful load left over (1140 lbs total!) for days spent in far cross-country coastal wilderness adventures.

Time on simple Cessna 172s is useful however, operators and insurance requirements require those with experience on their aircraft. We believe that the advantages of learning a more complex aircraft with the ability to experience real commercial scenarios is what our courses are all about. We want you to succeed in your aspirations and the C180 for its small price difference, will give you added experience, confidence and safety. Also, perhaps most importantly, the 180’s increased speed (105kts vs. 85kts) in cruise will overcome the price difference when we are travelling to destinations giving you more experiences in the same amount of time as well as the ability to go into bigger water and wind conditions.


Ocean Air has developed a 50-hour Seaplane syllabus that has proven very effective in enabling career minded pilots to become professional Seaplane pilots throughout Canada and the US. Ocean Air’s 50 hour Seaplane training syllabus will give you the required training to get that important first job. We have graduates who fly Seaplanes commercially all over the world.

 Work your new found skills in realistic scenarios while learning the challenging skills of determining conditions then executing the appropriate plan of action. This course takes place in the spectacular scenery of the Gulf Islands at busy, real working Pacific seaplane docks that serve Island communities.

Taught by professional and experienced coastal floatplane pilots, as per the Transport Canada Seaplane Manual in our Cessna 180 Seaplane on Aerocet 3500L Floats, you will be introduced to seaplanes and will be competent to fly the 5 solo take off and landing requirements for the rating to be added to your License. 

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