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Transport Canada Seaplane Rating / Float Plane Rating:

Transport Canada Seaplane Rating / Float Plane RatingTaught bu professional and experienced coastal floatplane pilots, as per the Transport Canada Seaplane Manual in our Cessna 180 Seaplane on Aerocet 3500L Floats, you will be introduced to seaplanes and will be competent to fly the 5 solo take off and landing requirements for the rating to be added to your License. Included is docking, ramping, launching, taxiing techniques, take off and landings, preflight and post-flight as well as other techniques encountered as conditions dictate.

Our students have completed over 25 ratings in the last year, with great success and smiles from ear to ear!

We have two textbooks available at discounted rates that the student may be interested in purchasing. There are copies available for from our seaplane library too.

Total: CAD $2625*  +$30 to Transport Canada to update your Canadian license.

*All prices are in Canadian Dollars and donot include 5% tax (GST)
*There are NO fuel surcharges or ANY other charges other than GST (see above)
*Ratings and Courses (except the discovery flight) require a minimum of a Private Pilot License