Ocean Air Floatplanes Inc.  - Flying Seaplanes in BC since 2002

Seaplane / Floatplane Training

If you have aspirations of becoming a Seaplane pilot, whether commercial or private, no one is more capable of helping you achieve your goals than Ocean Air. We have helped over 300 pilots earn their Canadian Seaplane Rating since 2002.

If it suits your needs, we can take Seaplane Training above and beyond the Transport Canada Floatplane / Seaplane Endorsement basics. Our exceptionally well-rounded 15 & 50 hour bush Seaplane training programs, our ‘Vacationing Pilot’ course, knowledgeable instructors, and beautiful Gulf Islands setting just outside Victoria and close to Vancouver, creates a perfect training setting for learning to be an experienced and safe bush / urban Seaplane pilot.