Ocean Air Floatplanes Inc.  - Flying Seaplanes in BC since 2002

Discovery Flight:

Discovery FlightIf you have never flown a seaplane or don’t have a pilot license, we will take you out for some take offs and landings! Come out and give it a try — and, Enjoy the spectacular scenery! (note: by regulation, passengers cannot come along for this lesson as the student is unlicensed. For flights with passengers, book a tour.)

$375 per hour* with an instructor. 1 hour is a great introduction!

Enter the exciting world of Seaplane flying!

Come and experience a real flying and learning adventure!

*Ratings and Courses (except the discovery flight) require a minimum of a Private Pilot License


*All prices are in Canadian Dollars and donot include 5% tax (GST)
*There are NO fuel surcharges or ANY other charges other than GST (see above)