Ocean Air Floatplanes Inc.  - Flying Seaplanes in BC since 2002


15 Hour Proficiency Course:

Earn your seaplane rating, then take the next step by honing the skills that you’ll learn while earning the Transport Canada Seaplane Rating.

Oceanair 286Work your new found skills in realistic scenerios while learning the challenging skills of determining conditions then executing the appropriate plan of action. This course takes place in the spectacular scenery of the Gulf Islands at busy, real working Pacific seaplane docks that serve Island communities.

Total: CAD $5250* / including the Seven Hour Seaplane Rating Course

We have two textbooks available at discounted rates that the student may be interested in purchasing. There are copies available from our seaplane library too.


*All prices are in Canadian Dollars and donot include 5% tax (GST)
*There are NO fuel surcharges or ANY other charges other than GST (see above)
*Ratings and Courses (except the discovery flight) require a minimum of a Private Pilot License